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Marine Air Conditioning


Product Details

  • Minimal start up load, no soft start required.

  • Easily runs on Honda 2200i Generator on Eco mode.

  • 16K BTU unit draws 33A to 100A DC on inverter from batteries.

  • 33A draw capable for overnight operation in most cases.

  • Efficient variable speed compressor and blower.

  • Quiet operation.

  • Integrated wifi remote operation.

  • Control pad included 

Gulf Nautical Services 

  • Authorized Dealer and Installer 

  • Direct contact with manufacturer 

  • Full installation available

  • Assistance with DIY installation

  • Velair requires commissioning by authorized Velair dealer/installer to validate warranty . We provide assistance with DIY install in addition to virtual commissioning to validate Velair warranty. 

2 x 16k BTU Velair on one Honda 2200I

Thank you Fiddlerman for allowing us to post your Video!!

**Please keep in mind that the Honda 2200I has a rated output of 15A and peak 18.3A.  The Velair 16k will draw 9 amps full load including the pump.  Theoretically you should not be able to run both at the same time, but how is this possible? Herein lies the beauty of the Velair; because it is variable speed it can draw as little as 2A while maintaining the temperature. Furthermore, you can limit the amp draw by using manual mode and preselecting a lower fan speed.  You can easily run one unit at 100% and the second on fan speed 2 giving you 65% capacity.

Velair button.jpg
I10VSD - 10k BTU   $2599.00 
I16VSD - 16k BTU   $2799.00 
I21VSD - 21k BTU   $2999.00 
I27VSD - 27k BTU   $3559.00 

** Please contact us for ordering and shipping information.  All units are in stock and in most cases can be shipped same day**

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