Lithium Batteries

At Gulf Nautical we choose to sell two brands of lithium batteries, Lithionics and Kilovault. Almost all batteries are manufactured in China, but what matters is the support and presence for the product in North America.

Lithionics is considered the Rolls Royce of batteries and have been in business for 10+years with military contracts and other high profile customers like Disney.  The batteries are assembled and tested at their facility right here in Clearwater, Florida.  When we are tight for space we will always select Lithionics because they use the highest grade cells and pack the most energy density.  We can fit more amp hours in less space.  They also have high performance BMS that can handle high output and a Bluetooth app to monitor the condition of the battery. Click the buttons below for more information.

Kilovault  is newer to the market but is a division of the Alt E company who has a longstanding reputation for alternate energy here in the USA.  Kilovault has an engineering team in Massachusetts that is continually improving the products.  The latest release of the HLX+ is a prime example of that.  Since they have a team here in North America, we are often in contact with them regarding system design and implementation.  If an issue was to arise, they are quick to respond. 

Why we think the Kilovault HLX+ is a game changer

  • Price point - $1945 MAP for the 300ah pack.

  • Performance - 150a recommended charge, 200a max.  As a comparison Relion is 50a/100a.

  • Inter-battery communication - With an optional bridge the batteries will talk to each other coordinating the charge and maintaining the balance within the bank (available soon).

  • Bluetooth - The ability to log into each battery individually to check on it’s state of charge, fault codes, individual cell voltages and more.

  • Com Port - An external com port will allow for future BMS firmware updates and provides the networking within batteries.  Also allows for future improvements like NMEA 2000? Integration with Victron?  Something we have been discussing with Kilovault in hopes to align how we use the system in the marine world.  No guarantees but we are hopeful as the infrastructure is in place. 

We buy Kilovault in bulk and can offer some savings in shipping, please contact us for details