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  • Gulf Nautical and The Yacht rigger; what is the relationship?
    In part, there is a co-ownership. But more importantly we share the same philosophy for quality products, customer service and customer satisfaction. For us it's more than a business, we are passionate about boating and finding the right products that work well in this harsh environment. With the many parts and systems on a boat, Gulf Nautical is an extention to The Yacht Rigger in offering different options to boaters. The result is a broader range of products and services under a team you can trust.
  • Where can I find information about ordering an OC Tender?
    Contact or click here.
  • I have a Tender Ordered and on its way to Florida, what happens next."
    Your OC Tender can be picked up from The Yacht Rigger facility in St Petersburg florida at no additional cost. If you are unable to pick it up we offer a delivery service. 107 15th Ave SE, St Petersburg, FL 33701 Click on the map for a link ☞
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